Products available for water, dust, heat realize safe operating of manufacturing line.


Spatter Adhesion Prevention Cylinder

Spatter Adhesion Prevention Cylinder G/G5 series

G: With strong scraper
G5: With strong scraper and lub keeper
SUS material (rod)

Scraper prevents fine powder from entering into the internal cylinder, and lubrication to rod is available by lub keeper.
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Coolant Resistant Cylinder

Coolant Proof Cylinder Option G2/G3 series

G2: Packing material NBR
G3: Packing material FKM
Piston rod: SUS

The powerful scraper prevents water from entering into the internal cylinder.
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Heat Resistance Cylinder

Heat Resistance Cylinder Option T1/T1L series

Packing material: FKM
Grease: fluorine type
SUS material (rod)

Cylinder and with switch for environment with high temperature available.
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High corrosion resistance SUS361 is used

Stainless Joint ZJ

Bore size: R1/8~R1/2
Applicable tube: φ4~φ12

High corrosion resistance SUS316 is used for body, nut, sleeve.


High corrosion resistance speed controller

Speed Controller SCP3 series

Port size: M5, R1/8~R1/2

High corrosion resistance stainless (equivalent to SUS316) is used.
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Valve replacement available without stopping!!

Plug-in manifold W4G series

Applicable cylinder bore: ~φ125

Degree of protection: IP65 (dust, water jet proof)
Valve replacement is available while the air pressure is ON, under the environment as plant etc.  


Rodless cylinder with dust proof cover

Super Rodless Cylinder SRL3-J series

Bore size: φ25~φ65
Max. troke: ~3000mm
Max. working pressure; 0.7MPa

Rodless cylinder with metal cover that is resistant to bad environment. Safe even in places that make dust, cutting oil, etc. directly.